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Kevin James for Mayor
Kevin James for Mayor


If you ever doubted my public outrage at the "culture of corruption" that is Los Angeles City Hall, just read the news stories linked below.

Why Does a Thriving Business Need a $1-Million Handout?

FBI investigation of Building and Safety

FBI investigations of Housing

City Council ticket scandal   

Airport commissioners flying high on taxpayer money - CBS News

Scandal surrounding $1.5 million CLARTS (recycling fund money)

City Council's lavish travel habits on taxpayer funds - NBC 4 story

DWP scandal - Strip clubs on the job, driving while drinking on the job

DWP credit card scam

DWP overtime scam

Animal Services - gun and ammunition scandal (that's unique)...

Animal Services - stolen animals sold, other systemic corruption

Animal Services - time card scandal (the link to this one also points out separate departments under FBI investigation)

Coliseum Commission scandals

Housing Authority scandals

Housing Commissioner - Beatriz Stotzer scandal

FBI investigation of City Attorney Delgadillo's wife

Gold Card Desk

CRA Scandal - Hal Katersky - Vine Street project

Overpaid pension/salary issues - LA has its own as well

Overpaid, overbloated salaries (like Bell)....  Daily News story on Rudolf Montiel

Grim sleeper murderer and his $1million pension (this would go in the "failure" category as well - your question no. 1)

Read about DWP workers defrauding DWP ratepayers out of $3 million by inflating the costs of furniture and supplies.
More details emerge in $3-million DWP fraud case

Read about the DWP spending $50,000 of Ratepayer money for a pyschologist "to ease tension between executives."
DWP hired a psychologist to ease tensions between executives

Read about the City Council diverting revenues from the trash-free increase from paying for more police (as promised) to gang intervention efforts.
More Money for Anti-Gang Efforts
Where are the police we paid for?

Read about the City Council transferring at least 1,600 workers from City General Fund Departments to the DWP while claiming those workers were "layed off" due to budget cuts.
New hires strain DWP pension plan

Read about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's pattern and practice of tampering with the electoral process.
The Chosen One
One More and We'll Call it a Pattern

Read about County Board of Supervisors Zev Yaroslovsky and Mark Ridley-Thomas spending your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on the good life!

Read about Mayor Villaraigosa's amazing social life as the beneficiary of tens of thousands of dollars worth of free tickets.
Read about the corrupt practices of many involved in the complicated "planning" process in Los Angeles.
Read about just a few of the trips of the most "traveled" Mayor in the nation - and how much those trips cost you.
Read about the most recent Los Angeles City Councilmember to be indicted.
Read about the deceit, fraud, misrepresentation and malfeasance of local officials in their handling of the most recent DWP Rate increase.
Read about Councilmembers Janice Hahn and Tony Cardenas accepting contributions from firms they are scrutinizing for airport concessions.


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