City’s Commission System


We must end the "rubber stamp" culture that surrounds the City's Commission system. An independent Inspector General's Office should be created to oversee an independent audit of the Commission system (including the nomination and confirmation process for Commissioners), and its findings including any suggested reforms made public, to facilitate improvements to the Commission system.

I would seek individuals with extensive and diverse experience in the respective field covered by the Commission, that bring a passion for both the industry and the agency as well as a sincere desire to serve their community. I would end the current culture of handing out such important appointments to friends, family members, and campaign contributors.

The criteria that I would use include confirmation that the prospective appointees have sufficient time to devote to the board's work, confirmation that the appointees believe in the work and vision of the agency/department. I would confirm that the prospective appointees fully comprehend and understand the legal rules and regulations covering the issues they will face on behalf of the agency/department.

I would confirm that the prospective appointees possess the necessary specialized skills needed by the agency/department, including financial skills, planning skills, and marketing skills, etc. I would ensure that the prospective appointees fully understand the industry within which they will be working, including comprehensive familiarity with state and federal regulatory agencies (including funding sources).

While the City is extremely honored to receive the service of qualified individuals, service on these boards and Commissions is a privilege and should be treated as an active job, and not a passive absentee experience for someone seeking only to build their resume.

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