Ending Corruption


Corruption is a serious problem is Los Angeles. We can’t fix LA until we remove the culture of corruption and build a core of confidence. As the only outsider candidate and former prosecutor running for Mayor I promise to lift up the rug in City Hall, find the corruption, expose it, and clean it up.

Kevin James’ Initial Plan to End Corruption in LA:

Create a Corruption Information Officer (CIO): Using funds saved from a staff reduction in the Mayor’s office, the CIO will be hired by a committee of Neighborhood Council Members, the committee will be chosen by elected by NC Board Officers. The CIO candidates will be required to have some form of law enforcement/investigatory agency experience.
The CIO will have an office outside of City Hall, including an office in the Valley. The CIO will be responsible for taking complaints of corruption/possible corruption from residents on any city department (except the police department that already has a process for such complaints).
The CIO will have a liaison with the City Attorney's Office, and the complaints departments in the DA's office and U.S. Attorney's Office.

The CIO will have a direct line to reporters at the LA Times, Daily News, Downtown News, local papers and leading bloggers.

The CIO will have an easily accessible website and social media platform for the public to interact with.

Increase Transparency and Accessibility: Bi-monthly town halls will take place in various locations constantly throughout the year around the City where City Department heads (one department head per town hall) will sit in an auditorium and explain what each department does and to hear complaints/suggestions in the public forum about their department. Complaints/suggestions will be recorded in a public record to ensure timely follow-up.

Create an Independent Discretionary Funds Oversight Officer (DFOO): Using funds saved from a staff reduction in the Mayor’s office, the DFOO’s responsibility is to oversee the "discretionary" spending of any paid elected official in the City (that would include City Councilmembers, Mayor, Controller and City Attorney). It would not include Neighborhood Council Board Members (their discretionary spending is overseen by the City already). The DFOO's jurisdiction would include "officeholder" account spending as well as discretionary fund spending (also known as "street furniture accounts", etc.).

The all volunteer Ethics Commission should be relieved of any duties in this area and have responsibility handed over to a full-time professional oversight officer. If the Ethics Commission does not want to relinquish its control, the DFOO should still be created to conduct additional oversight. A volunteer commission simply does not have the time to oversee such spending. The DFOO position differs from the CIO because the CIO is responsible for corruption from all city departments (excluding LAPD), the DFOO is for something entirely different - all elected official discretionary spending of taxpayer funds including officeholder accounts. Even though officeholder accounts consist of donated funds, such funds exist due to the public office being held.

The DFOO would be responsible for maintaining a separate website revealing and reporting on all such discretionary spending.

The DFOO would also collect and publish on its website information on all trips taken outside of LA County by elected officials that are paid for in whole or in part by any private company/industry/interest.

The DFOO will have a direct line to prosecutors in the City Attorney's Office, District Attorney's office and US Attorney's office, as well as close contacts with the media (including print, television, radio and blog).

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