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In 2010, as a radio broadcaster covering City issues I launched a Neighborhood Council tour across the City listening to the issues facing NCs and bringing those issues on to my nightly local-issues talk radio show.

Here's a link to the LAObserved blog mentioning my NC tour -

As a candidate, I have specific ideas and goals for the Neighborhood Councils.

In my reaction to the Mayor's 2011-2012 budget, I wrote an article on April 29, 2011 on CityWatch stating that I would NOT have cut appropriations to Neighborhood Councils, even from the previous level of $50k.

Here's the quoted excerpt from my piece -

"An example of a cut in the Mayor’s proposed budget I would not have made is the 10% reduction to the annual appropriations to Neighborhood Councils (“NC”). The city’s NC system results in hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours given to the city every year by NC board members. There are well over one thousand NC board members.

Further cuts to their funds (money used to pay for meeting space, rentals, copies, refreshments, and community activities, etc.) only makes it harder for them to do their jobs – as volunteers – and discourages more extended involvement in the NC system."

Use of Neighborhood Council System to Create a Corruption Information Officer (CIO): Using funds saved from a staff reduction in the Mayor’s office, the CIO will be hired by a committee of Neighborhood Council Members, the committee will be chosen by elected by NC Board Officers. The CIO candidates will be required to have some form of law enforcement/investigatory agency experience.

The CIO will have an office outside of City Hall, including an office in the Valley. The CIO will be responsible for taking complaints of corruption/possible corruption from residents on any city department (except the police department that already has a process for such complaints).

The CIO will have a liaison with the City Attorney's Office, and the complaints departments in the DA's office and U.S. Attorney's Office.

The CIO will have a direct line to reporters at the LA Times, Daily News, Downtown News, local papers and leading bloggers.

The CIO will have an easily accessible website and social media platform for the public to interact with.

Neighborhood Council Representation on City Commissions

I have always believed that the Neighborhood Councils should have more influence in City Hall, not less. Therefore, I would ensure that Neighborhood Council board members are placed on many of the city’s most important commissions (including the DWP Commission and Police Commission). This will be accomplished through two methods. First, certain Commissioner appointments will come directly from existing NC board members. Second, certain Commissioner selections will actually be chosen by the city’s NC board members.

Additional Neighborhood Council proposals coming soon.

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