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As Mayor, I will abide by all mandates relating to clean air and water while keeping LA competitive. With the expansion of the Panama Canal slated to open in 2015, if we fail to keep our port competitive tens of thousands of jobs (if not more) will be lost as numerous shippers will permanently go elsewhere.

As I stated during the League’s Mayoral Debate on ABC7, the city should work with Advanced Cleanup Technologies, Inc. and their Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS) ( which removes criteria pollutants, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulfur Oxides (SOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) from exhaust gases from auxiliary engines and boilers while ships are hoteling.

On shore barge-based “plug-in” technology discussed by my opponents is not practical for the shippers because the retrofit for the ships is cost prohibitive, shore power is expensive for ships, subject to increasing power rates, and the overall environmental impact is only a fraction of the overall environmental benefit provided by AMECS (e.g., shore power only replaces 50% of the emissions of the ship – of that 50%, 20% is generated using clean sources so you’ve only ended up removing 10% of the dirty sources from the air, yet AMECS removes over 95% of NOx SOx and PM). This is not something that has to wait another four years for the next Mayoral debate. The city can begin implementing this technology immediately.

I would also support the privately funded Green Rail Intelligent Development (GRID) container transport system.

The GRID system would eliminate millions of truck trips each year in moving containers inland from the port. The GRID system and AMECS and ALECS (Advanced Locomotive Emission Control System) will be built and maintained by union workers and will be job creators. In other words, there will be significant net job gains with the implementation of these new technologies. The increased capacity of the port through the implementation of the GRID technology results in an increased demand for port workers.

Once again the city finds itself operating in “near crisis” mode given the increased competition from East Coast ports after the expansion of the Panama Canal. Once we lose shippers to other ports it will be next to impossible to get them back.

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