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As a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, I stand with numerous independent waste haulers and industry groups opposed to the city’s proposed franchise system for waste haulers that will put numerous companies out of business, cost hundreds of Angelenos their jobs, and further promote preferred "insider-status" for those few companies chosen to be winners by city officials.

The city’s proposed franchise plan will substantially increase costs for owners of apartments and commercial buildings – costs that would certainly be passed on to their tenants, many of whom are already facing financial challenges. And in the case of commercial buildings, such costs would likely be passed on to customers – families who are already struggling to make ends meet in our city.

Cost estimates of the city's proposed franchise plan put the price of the plan at more than $150 million from higher labor rates and benefits, restrictive work rules and more expensive equipment. Our community simply cannot afford such higher (and unnecessary) costs. Furthermore, reports indicate that the city could potentially lose $30 million per year if the city's exclusive franchise plan is adopted. (Daily News 08/27/12). Taxpayers should not be forced to cover those losses.

It is clear that the franchise initiative now on the table is really about making it easier for unions to kick small independent waste-hauling business out of the industry, thereby eliminating competition and leaving only a few haulers to be negotiated with.

I am the only candidate in this race willing to stand up the unions backing this plan and say Los Angeles cannot afford these unnecessary additional costs. Los Angeles cannot afford to throw away more jobs by chasing good companies away, or by forcing them out-of-business.

I agree with the statement released earlier this year by the chief executive of the Central City Association that the proposed franchise plan will "increase the cost for every business, every commercial property owner and thousands of apartment tenants."

I support maintaining the current system in which haulers (both large companies and small businesses) must get a permit from the city, but then can contract with customers with no restrictions. All trucks must be compliant with existing state and local environmental regulations. This kind of competition is by far the best option for the city’s residents.

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